Hello and welcome to a webpage dedicated to help you learn, understand and more importantly SPEAK ENGLISH.

Hello, my name is Christopher Britt (Chris). I am a native English teacher and I have spent the last few years living and teaching English here in Spain, I know how difficult it can be to learn another language.

On this site you will find information about Trinity and English Out There.

These are two individual methods of learning how to speak English and they work extremely well together.

English Out There teaches you how to speak and builds your confidence and Trinity provides an official and internationally recognised qualification that is in line with the Common European Framework. As I have said they work extremely well together because Trinity is 50% spoken, therefore if you can speak well you are halfway to your ISE 0 / A2, ISE I / B1, ISE II / B2, ISE III / C1 or ISE IV /C2.

English Out There is a course to improve your communication skills in English through a range of original materials specially designed to work in social networks with incredible results.

Oh I forgot to say that besides being effective they are really cheap!

This website has been created to be easy on the eye, easy to navigate through the different content in an easy manner, and helping you to understand. I believe in simplicity, why make learning complicated if you can make it easy?

Life is complicated enough without putting more obstacles in way!

Here we provide the links to buy English Out There materials according to your level, do a test to make sure you get the right level. REMEMBER THAT THIS IS SPOKEN ENGLISH, be honest with yourself and choose the right level for you. We recommend to start with a lower level to make sure you remember what you studied earlier. Sometimes it is easier than making small mistakes when you start to speak. Remember that there are 60 hours of English at each level for just £5.00 / 7,00€ / $9,00

Please click here for a free test :

  Test 1

  Test 2

Each course includes: Full instructions, MP3s listening exercises, on-line tools for integrating social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Skype, Copy kits, etc.. to meet and work with English speakers and your fellow students.

If you are not satisfied with the materials back guarantee 100% money.

The price includes single license for you as a student to access and use the platform and print all materials.

Levels 1 and 2 have been produced in 6 different languages ​​to help you get started, choose your native language: Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese or English.

Our materials will be sent digitally to your email with your name, email address and a unique ID number. You can work with them on your computer, but I recommend printing them since many people find it easier to study that way. Another advantage is that you can study anywhere, anytime, making notes and translating the vocabulary and expressions into your own language.

FREE SAMPLE MATERIALS so you can see how English Out There really works before buying.

FREE AUDIO MATERIALS so you can hear how English Out There & Britingles really works before joining our group of learners.

English Out There Self Study Level 1 English Beginner Buy Now
English Out There Self Study Level 2 English Elementary
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English Out There Self Study Level 3 English Pre Intermediate       Buy Now
English Out There Self Study Level 4 English Intermediate Buy Now
English Out There Self Study Level 5 English Upper Intermediate Buy Now
English Out There Self Study Level 6 English Advanced Buy Now
Special Offer    All 6 levels for the price of 5 Buy Now



This site costs € 15.00 for registration and € 10.00 per calendar month for unlimited access to all class / lesson recordings plus extra activities.

SPECIAL OFFER Registration + 1st month for only €15,00 CLICK HERE

To register send an email to info@britingles.co.uk with your: name, country, email address and registration code.

See the image below:

Once you have done that, you will be able to really start learning English along with a FREE weekly online group sessions to practice with your English with a teacher and other learners.

             Are EXCELLENT places to practice for FREE!

Additional classes of 1 hour with an available teacher, recorded live for € 15.00, so that way you can listen to them again and watch them whenever you want.

ONLINE Preperation course for Trinity ISE I & ISE II (B1& B2)

Curso de preperación de Trinity ISE I & ISE II (B1& B2)

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